My good fit book

The good fit book I am reading at the moment is ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’, written by Roald Dahl, and illustrated by Quentin Blake. In the first few chapters it is about 3 grumpy men that live on a farm, and a family of fox’s that eat there animals for dinner, and the men don’t like it. The men’s names are, Bean, Boggis, and Bunce. I think it is a good book, because it is interesting, funny, and engaging. And all Roald Dahl books are like that.

The first shooting star

“Goodnight” whispered Laura. As her mum slowly turned off the light and shut the door.

As Laura starts too gently close her eyes, she hears a quick dash in the sky. She gets out of bed, and opens her curtin to see what was going on.

She heard it again, dash! So Laura gets on her slippers and gown, and tippy toes down the stairs. And goes outside.

She runs down the street to try and catch up with the dashing light. As she try’s to stop it, she pauses to take a breath and realises, she’s lost.

Laura looks around in shock, trying to find the way back to her house. Then she remembers the dashing light is still flying, sshe continues running.

Whilst she was sprinting, her mum walked up the stairs to put something in Laura’s bedroom, and realises she’s not there!!

So her mum gets in the car, and drives down the street to try and find Laura. “Where could she be” he mum wondered to herself.

When Laura finds that she can not see the dashing light anymore, she try’s to find the way back to her house.

Whilst her mum was driving she finds Laura walking on the footpath. “Laura” her mum yelled.

As soon as Laura heard her mum, she ran straight to her.

“Mum, Mum” Laura cried. “I saw a dashing light in the sky, so I tryed to follow it”.

“I think there called shooting stars” said her mum.

A special day

It was 9:07 pm on a cold windy Thursday night, as the rain was bucketing down I was laying in my bed, dreaming what a fantastic day I would have tomorrow.

Night passed and day came, and I was jumping out of my skin, so exited. The day had finally came, it was my birthday! I leaped out of my bed, and ran to my mum and dads room.

As I got to their bedroom door, I knocked, and before I even got a chance to say “Hello”, my dad yelled out “Go back to bed”.

I was baffled, so I walked back up the narrow stairs to my bedroom, and fall back onto my relaxing bed.

I could’nt believe it, they actually forgot my birthday. All day I was sitting in my room, until my mum yelled out “Rosey, come down here I need to speak to you”.

So I slowly and sadly walked down the stairs, and there was everyone. “Happy birthday  Rosey” said her mum.

My heart was pumping 100 miles per hour, as I was moving around the spaced room, hugging my relatives.

The worst day ever had turned into the best day ever.